What You Need To Know About Skin Care Treatments

Anti Aging Skin Care Is Not Just About Buying An Anti Wrinkle Cream
anti aging skin creamYes, like it or not, the truth is that anti aging skin care requires much more than just buying and using an excellent anti wrinkle cream.

When To Start With Anti-Aging Skin Care

This question is one of the most frequent questions that dermatologist and aestheticians hear in their consults. Most of us ask this question hoping to hear that we are still young or, at least, of the proper age to begin taking care of our skin and start with an anti-aging skin care treatment to stop the signs of time on our skin.

Unfortunately, the truth is that we should begin preventing aging right during childhood! Yes, at that time when the last things that cross our minds are skin care, wrinkles, and overall aging. I am not saying that we should have started applying anti wrinkle cream before leaving for school; I am talking about other factors that contribute to premature skin aging. First of all, sun protection. Protecting our skin from sunlight is a must, regardless the age of the individual. Sun rays are one of the worst enemies of our skin, they are known to cause photoaging, and they are potential health threats. The second factor that should be observed since our younger years is nutrition. Keeping a balanced diet and drinking plenty of water are mandatory for a healthy and radiant skin. Our skin is the largest organ, and like all organs, it needs to be properly nurtured or it will reflect the deficiencies, no matter how young we may be.

When Should We Start Using Hydrating Cream And Anti Wrinkle Cream?

Talking about preventing the appearance of wrinkles, our twenties are the age to start explicitly paying attention to facial skin care. At this age, the skin retains its elasticity, hydration, and collagen release. The 20s is the precise moment to start using a hydrating cream, to the delay the appearance of lines and wrinkles. So, the age of 20 is the moment to start using skin care products. A cleansing lotion and a hydrating cream will we enough. And, of course, solar factor protection lotions or creams that, as we mentioned, must be used despite the age and skin condition.
At the age of 30, we begin to show the first apparent signs of aging. Additionally to the cleansing, and hydrating routine, we should add anti-aging products.
When reaching the age of 40, our skin care should also point to the stimulation of collagen production. Products containing retinol, Q10, vitamin C and E, are advisable.

Finally, besides selecting good skin care products, the only way to delay the signs that naturally come with the years, is to maintain healthy habits, including a balanced diet, consuming plenty of water, avoiding cigarettes and alcohol, and sleeping properly.